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Don’t Call Me Guru!

Empty Promises from SEO “Gurus”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in a well-run online marketing campaign. However, not many business owners have the time or the knowledge to do this for their selves. Because of this, entrepreneurs often turn to SEO “gurus” that promise the moon and the stars when it comes to boosting their website’s online presence.

The sad reality is that these supposed experts often use tactics that are outdated. They give empty promises and fail to deliver more often than not. Below are the most common claims “gurus” make that business owners shouldn’t trust:

“I can guarantee the top position on Google.“

Rankings are important when it comes to SEO campaigns but nobody can guarantee if a website will get the number one spot on search results.

“SEO experience in your industry is just like everyone else we serve.”

There are “experts” claiming that every industry is the same when it comes to boosting a website’s online presence. However, there are business services that are much more competitive for keywords than others. This means that every industry requires a dedicated SEO campaign plan.

“More inbound links, more keywords, and thousands of link submissions will work!”

Spammy tactics like generating large quantities of inbound links and peppering content with keywords do not work anymore. Moreover, submitting to multiple directories is a complete waste of time since they mostly generate unnatural links. In fact, these are considered black hat techniques and may not only affect a website’s ranking but can also trigger penalties from Google.

“It’s okay to duplicate content.”

Under no circumstance should business owners trust a “guru” who says that reposting an article in various platforms is a good idea. The Panda 4.0 algorithm ensures strict duplicated content filtering and penalizes websites that do this.

“SEO is all you need and that it can be a onetime deal. “

The truth is SEO is just part of the bigger picture. An effective marketing strategy combines good SEO, social media integration, quality content, and offline tactics. Moreover, SEO is a continuous process that requires constant attention. It takes a considerable amount of time to execute an effective SEO campaign.

“Algorithm updates are not important. “

Google frequently updates its algorithms to ensure that users get the best kind of content and for most website owners; adaptation is the name of the game. SEO campaigns should always be adjusted to keep up with algorithm changes to ensure better rankings.

“Our techniques are to complex to explain. “

There is no reason for an SEO expert to claim that his or her methods are too complex for an ordinary person to understand. Every campaign is always anchored on three things, content, quality links, and social interaction.

The most important step to getting a great position in search is to focus on providing your audience compelling content. Whether that content is part of a page describing your business, blog articles addressing customer interest and concerns, or a viral approach to social interaction, the content must be interesting.

When people talk about your content, Google pays attention. Here are few tips for creating compelling content.

  1. Tell stories. Prospects are looking for themselves in your content. If you write a customer story that resonates with a prospects concerns, pretty soon you will have a customer.
  2. Remember to Smile! A story that we can laugh at or leaves us smiling keeps your brand at top of mind.
  3. I have a secret! Setup a “straw man” at the beginning of your story, and then share a secret at the end. This gets people sharing your content.
  4. But wait! There’s more… Give the reader enough detail to entice, but then leave them wanting more! The best way to do this is with a free download of a whitepaper!
  5. Write for the platform your targeting. An indepth content piece that holds its value is best for page content on a website. An article that loses value over time is best suited for your blog. An invite to win a free “SOMETHING” is best distributed through social media.

For more ideas that work! Contact San Diego Marketing and lets talk about your industry. We can help you find your market, and by doing it the right way, get better organic results online!