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The world of search has changed. If you want customers to see your business on their mobile phones, tablets, and computers you have to publish content every day. Google Caffeine and Google Freshness updates set the bar high for being seen online.

Google Caffeine Update

Google Caffeine Update

The rules are simple, the process complex. It takes a team of researchers, writers, and publishers to carry out a content marketing plan. Very few company owners have staffing or time to manage a social marketing campaign. Interacting with new followers, tweeting, and posting replies to inquiries are just a few of the daily tasks a successful campaign requires. We offer a low cost turnkey service that helps your customer find you in the wired world.

Our team writes the content, interacts with your fans in Social Media, and publishes information that attracts customers to your business. If you have a storefront our Local Search strategy will drive customers to your door. We reach directly into the nearby community and interact with local prospects and customers daily. In time your media circle grows and your visibility increases in your community. When you’re seen participating in the social conversation, people remember you. When its time to buy, your brand has top of mind awareness.

Content and SEO

Search Engine Optimization helps your business be seen online. But the rules have changed in how you optimize your content. You have to publish content on your site, participate in social media daily, and ensure your site is compatible with mobile search. By deploying keywords in the publication process you improve your visibility in search.

Content MarketingThe best content contains the language your customers use to find you. Direct “I need it now” searches comprise only a small percentage of daily local search in your community. Social search, news, events, travel, and entertainment are important categories in which to be seen. People also search for information in Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google Plus so deploying keyword driven content in these channels is very important.

Our approach incorporates SEO techniques as part of the content marketing process. Preparation is a key element for success in executing a content driven SEO strategy. We start by analyzing the competitions SEO and then we identify the keywords that people use to search for your business. This language is then used in developing a publishing calendar that defines the type of content that will be deployed ongoing.


While traffic to your business is important, we know conversions are the true goal of the marketing campaign. The design of your website and mobile app will have a big influence in converting leads to customers. If your current presentation isn’t asking prospects for their business, then it’s time for a review of your online assets. We offer free consultation, site review, and a marketing strategy session that will help you quickly assess your current efforts.

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