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Do Sweepstakes Really Work?

One of the many methods we use to build email lists involves the use of online sweepstakes. Clients ask us if Sweepstakes or Contests really work, and the answer we give is: MAYBE! Most sweepstakes that we see online tend to miss the mark in generating the right kind of interest and typically result in […]

Don’t Call Me Guru!

Empty Promises from SEO “Gurus” Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in a well-run online marketing campaign. However, not many business owners have the time or the knowledge to do this for their selves. Because of this, entrepreneurs often turn to SEO “gurus” that promise the moon and the stars when it comes […]

Powerful Tools for Small Business Success

A survey conducted by small business online directory and community Manta, together with IT systems maker Dell, has revealed that the most powerful tool for success for small companies nowadays is social media. Among the 3,000 Manta community members surveyed, 41 percent believed that websites like Facebook and Twitter play an important role in driving […]

Facebook Fraudulent Likes

If you work with us you know that we are very cautious about how we deploy your ad spends on Facebook. Clients want to be “Liked” and I am often asked about buying Likes by different services, including Facebook. I tell my customers NEVER BUY LIKES!!!! Even from Facebook. There are certainly good uses of […]